Intellagen is a auto id consultancy company with experience in both barcoding and RFID technologies. Intellagen is also a primary dealer of Inventris.

Intellagen brings to the client a knowledge of best practice and industry standards in the RFID field.

A typical project would consist of the following:

  1. Prelimary meeting followed by an initial site survey to ascertain whether RFID is a viable prospect for the project or not. If not a suggestion of alternatives.

  2. Detailed site analysis and survey identifying the current and future business processes, together with physical location of the RFID hardware.

  3. Initial site design including help to put together a strong business case with ROI. Intellagen will during this phase advise on hardware selection( readers, antennae, tags) taking into consideration the environment and products.

  4. If the business case is successful then Intellagen can help the client perform a pilot.

  5. The final phase is deployment.

Intellagen also has a dealership with Inventris